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Aesthetic Feet YouTube Channel Deleted

Update: Starting from scratch with a brand new channel. Please support by subscribing, and smashing that Like button for the YouTube algorithm. I need all the help I can get:

After almost a decade, 50,000 subscribers, and over 14 million views, I am sad to announce that yesterday, November 3, 2021, YouTube has officially permabanned my channel. I understand why they have done so, as I may have promoted too hard on my channel, essentially driving traffic off of YouTube. In the future, I'll make sure to upload quality content on my channel instead of spamming my website.

I literally spent all day yesterday going through my hard drives and memory cards, organizing and uploading all of my classic YouTube videos into the Members Area with tags. They are all now all archived and uploaded in the Members Area. Here they can be hosted and viewed forever without fear of them getting taken down by YouTube.

Here are a few reasons why moving from the YouTube platform is a good long term move for Aesthetic Feet:

  1. I was already "shadow banned" by YouTube for over a year. This means that YouTube stops my videos from showing up in search results on on related/suggested videos. This was my main way of reaching new viewers during my peak era of YouTube (many comments saying, "why am i watching this? why is this in my suggested videos? what is this channel even lol?"). Some older uploads would all of a sudden get a surge of new views and comments. For example it was over a year after Elise's 1st vid and Sophomore Soles 2nd shoot and all of a sudden, one random week they'd get over 50,000 new views and tons of comments. Somewhere in late 2019, I noticed my views count and new subscriber rate drastically drop. The algorithm stopped showing my videos. Even a specific search for some of my highest viewed video titles weren't showing up in YouTube search ("Nadine's Feet At College", "Freshman Waterpolo Player Feet", etc.) Despite having 50,000 organic subscribers, my newest uploads with better quality camera work, only reached about 10,000 views after a month. At my previous YouTube peak, I used to get 10,000 views within 24 hours.

  2. YouTube could give me a guideline strikes/content removal on their own discretion. The reason for the initial shadow ban and warning was because of all reasons, a PLAYLIST I created that was titled "18 year old feet" which I thought was allowed and appropriate for the platform. This probably raised a flag and got my channel manually reviewed. This is when I noticed the drastic shadow ban effect all through 2020-2021. A few weeks later YouTube even removed a video of mine for "Child Safety". This was a normal, clean interview video I'd usually post with nothing suggestive at all. And the woman in the video was 19-years-old as stated in the title and in the video. Practically all my other videos on the channel were exactly like this one and I never had a problem with those uploads. I even tried appealing the decision to no avail. This is when I learned and understood that my channel & content could be taken down at any time at their own discretion.

  3. Most of my site traffic isn't from YouTube anymore. Maybe one day when I get back to regular interviewing, I'd love to try YouTube again. After reviewing my Google Analytics, I found that a majority of my website traffic is from Google search, direct traffic, and Instagram. By November 2021, only a small percentage of my site traffic actually came from YouTube after being shadow banned for over a year. I just had to look that up and share because initially I was really bummed that my channel was gone.

  4. Every time a girl wanted all her content taken down, it was because of the views on YouTube. Whenever a girl I filmed changed her mind about having the video up, it was never because of my website, but it was always because of YouTube. I actually had a model tell me that someone came up to her in public, recognized her from her video, and pulled it up on his phone. That particular video had 70,000 views, but I've had many get way more popular, like in the 500,000 range. One girl even mentioned to me that her dad saw her foot video on YouTube and brought it up to her (I wonder how he found it 🤔) YouTube just had too much visibility for some girls to be comfortable. Although I loved the aspect of sharing random girls feet with thousands of strangers on the internet, hosting the videos in the Members Area gives the girls a bit more anonymity.

I hope you guys continue to support me in this new era. I appreciate everyone who has supported me over the years whether it was a paid subscription or just a Like & Comment on YouTube. I mean it when I say none of this would be possible without you.

I plan to continue to bring you guys more Aesthetic Feet content thru the years and hopefully we look back on this moment as a milestone, a positive turning point, rather than a bad thing. I'll still try YouTube here and there, and drop some free vids as long as you guys help support over there too with views. You can subscribe to my new YouTube at:

Thank you,

Aesthetic Feet

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