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Thunder In the Summer: Dee in her Jordan IV Thunders

As a casual sneaker fan, I have a confession: I didn’t know that the 2023 Jordan IV Thunder was a retro re-release (don’t hate me please). Originally released in 2006 and reimagined in various colorways over the years, the iconic black and yellow colors return just in time for the summer of 2023. And surprisingly, out of all our vlog guests here, we have Dee wearing them; she’s previously told us during her last two visits that she never wears Jordans and doesn’t own any. Well luckily for us, she picked up her first pair just 2 weeks before meeting up for coffee and a visit to the local theme park!

Summer style is all about embracing comfort without compromising on fashion, and Dee does just that with her outfit. She pairs her Jordan IVs with white denim shorts and a black tank top-style crop top, creating a sleek tight look that accentuates the “puffiness” of the Jordan IV’s. The minimalism of her outfit allows her to stay cool and comfortable during the scorching summer day while also staying appropriate for the public café and family-friendly vibes of the theme park.

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