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Real names. Raw footage. No scripts.

This is where I share what human aesthetics I capture on video. A tasteful collection of real, everyday girls I meet, whether it's at a college campus, park, mall, or coffee shop.

  • No professional models. No scripts.

  • 100% real on-the-spot encounters.

  • Unsuspecting strangers showing their feet on film for the first time and chatting about their personal experiences.


This site is a gallery embracing the art of the human body, specifically female feet. Clean content from the largest foot content creator on YouTube with:

  • Hours of FREE content & previews.

  • Over 250+ exclusive Members videos.

  • Over 24 hours of footage to watch.


Enjoy never-before-seen exclusive footage from the one-and-only, Aesthetic Feet. 

Feel free to browse my YouTube (if you haven't already) to preview hours-worth of my FREE content that I've been producing for years. I've found some of my videos are too long and dragging for some, so I decided to finally create a place for me to dump all of my for all of you who have been asking. 

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Thank you for all your support! To my viewers, to my filming partners, and my "models". Without you, none of this would have been possible.

- Aesthetic Feet

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