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Maddie Interviewed in Her Air Force 1s

Full 13-minute interview here:

This week's update is the debut of Maddie, modeling in (and out) of her Nike Air Force 1s! She's only 18-years-old and barely an incoming senior in high school. She hadn't even started her first day of her senior year yet when we filmed this.

She says she usually wears flip flops, but her sneakers of choice are Air Force 1s. Another interesting fact is that her mother dropped her off and picked her up from this shoot. Maddie's mom makes a guest appearance in the video as well at the end, giving us her blessing and saying that she supports her daughter modeling her feet.

We'll definitely be seeing more of Maddie as she'll be joining the AF roster as a regular returning model throughout her senior year! As usual, thank you to all Members Area subscribers. You make all this possible and help bring in new & returning models like Maddie 🙏

Full 13-minute interview & over 350 videos here:


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