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Panda Dunks: Played Out or A Timeless Classic?

Even though the Nike Dunk (and Jordan 1) debuted in back in 1985, it feels like it only in recent years that it has reached household mainstream shoe levels like Converse All Stars or Vans Classics. There was even a time from 2004 - 2011 (around the "indiesleaze" & streetwear era) where Dunks were more popular then Jordan 1s:

While Dunks are now below Jordan 1's popularity, there is one Nike Dunk model that has become ubiquitous in women's fashion: Panda Dunks.

The Panda Dunk is not just a shoe for "basic" trend-followers, but it has also become a collector's item. Many sneaker enthusiasts have started to collect Panda Dunks as part of their sneaker collection, and they even resell for a high price in the secondary market. This indicates that the Panda Dunk has more to offer than just being a trendy shoe.

Finally, the Panda Dunk has also become a symbol of inclusivity in the sneaker community. Historically, sneakers were primarily designed for men, and it wasn't until recently that brands started to cater to women's styles. The Panda Dunk, however, has become a unisex shoe, making it accessible to both men and women. The shoe has transcended gender norms and has become an embodiment of inclusivity and diversity.

In conclusion, the Panda Dunk is not just a fad shoe or a basic sneaker. It has become a popular choice for girls due to its unique design, comfort, durability, collectible nature, and inclusive appeal. The shoe has carved out a niche for itself in the sneaker world, and it doesn't seem like its popularity will die down anytime soon. So, whether you're a collector, a trend-follower, or just a fan of comfortable and stylish shoes, the Panda Dunk is definitely worth considering.


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