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Interview with Lisa Visiting from Mexico

Just when I thought I've run out of places to approach, I actually met Lisa and her sister at my local pet store! I said that I liked their styles and told them a little bit about the site. I asked both of them if they'd be up for an interview and shoot. Her older sister said no, but fortunately Lisa was up to try it out! So right in front of the store, in front of her sister and mother, and other customers, we did an on-the-spot interview shoot.

She has tiny size 4 feet that were in her platform sandals. Turns out Lisa and her family are visiting from Mexico. We probably won't see her again for a while, but I did get her contact info and we'll keep in touch. Be sure to watch the video in the Members Area, and follow me on Instagram @aestheticfeet.ig for exclusive social pics of Lisa


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