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Body Positivity with Simms' Feet (Double Feature)

Simms returns to Aesthetic Feet for a Double Feature in the Members Area! TWO 9-minute videos of her all done up, and continuing our conversation about the acceptance of foot modeling and how liberating it is to embrace unique looks and unique parts of the body that are often over looked.

Yes, sounds like a college discussion, but don't worry, the videos have tons of foot modeling and posing jampacked in the 9+ minute videos, especially the pond video, we we get a true taste of Simms' feet.

Crazy to think that she was just randomly approached a few months ago. Life is strange.

See the whole thing unfold exclusively in the Members Area where we just hit 250+ videos in total! Thank you to each and every one of you members. You directly support content like this and more models returning for videos, so I appreciate it. Again, it's been tough since college campuses have been closed because of the pandemic, so we are grateful to continue to bring you top quality foot content. Thank you.


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