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Catching Up with Quinn in Her Red Vans (PHOTOS)

Meet Quinn! She's an old friend from college, and although she took a break from school, she told me she's open to being a regular here on the site! Her favorite shoes are Vans, so she came wearing some red ones with no socks. She warned me that they were beat up, but I didn't think so.

My shoots are usually in public, but this one was in PUBLIC. If you watch the full video or even the preview, you'll see there are at least two times where I was going to stop filming and move locations because people were walking around the busy cafe and staring at us.

Quinn literally pushed me to keep going, telling me "Don't be nervous. Just focus on me". She reminded me that people don't care, and won't even notice or remember looking at us. This was a first for me: a model comforting me about the shoot haha 👉👈 I honestly needed that reminder though. Thanks Quinn!

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