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Monice Returns For Her 3rd Shoot (with Photos)

(( 🎥 Full 14-minute video in the Members Area )) Thanks to our Members' support we were able to bring back another fan favorite, Monice! This is her 3rd shoot with us and I've bumped up her first two videos in the Members video channel so you can watch all 3 of her videos easily.

She is a professional nail tech so her manicures and pedicures are always on point. Today, under her pink Nike VaporMax sneakers, her toes her painted soft white with a blue butterfly design on each of the big toes. She has petite feet; she says her shoe size ranges from a 5.5 to a 6. Monice wasn't shy at all, modeling her bare feet at the busy public park. You can hear the people playing tennis right behind her, and we had plenty of people walking by as usual, staring at her posing her feet for the camera haha.

Monice loves the foot community, and in her 2nd video, she told us that she's very open about her foot modeling and it's nothing to be ashamed about. In today's video though, she actually tells us of a story of someone sending her brother her feet videos. They just laughed it off because its just feet! Her family & friends already know that she does this and its no big deal.

On a serious note though, this is just a reminder that while respectful, supporting fans are the reason I can get models like Monice back for return shoots, people that dox the models and stalk them are one of the top reasons I lose models. But I digress. To keep it on a positive note, let's just enjoy Monice sharing her feet with us once again. Thanks Monice!

(( 🎥 Full 14-minute video in the Members Area ))


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