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Interviewing Lily W. & Her Feet on Her Lunch Break (with Photos)

This week's catch is Lily W, who I met on her lunch break. Lily was sporting a pink pedicure that caught my attention since the rest of her attire was neutral. It's hard to tell on camera but she has small, narrow feet and she wears a size 5 to 6.

She says she actually isn't supposed to be wearing those sandals to work, but she forgot her heels at home. Well, good for us because that's how I spotted and scouted her. This is Lily's first time modeling her feet, but she says she's been complimented on them various times, like online, and even during her yoga class.

I probably took her whole lunch break, filming a 20-minute video you can watch in the Members Area now. She says she'd be up to come back for a more scheduled shoot if we get enough member support to pay her for her pedicure (and she says she also wants a gourmet sandwich next time haha) I think we can make it happen.

You can also show your support by dropping a comment and smashing the like button on her posts on my YouTube channel and Instagram account (she'll be seeing the comments for sure and might even read a few out loud for her next video)

Check out the photos below and enjoy the full 20-minute 2.7K HD Resolution video in the Members Area.


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