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Story Time: Finals Week College Feet in Class

So this just happened: I've been working & studying with this Filipina girl in my class all semester (we were in a semester group project together) and during finals week I finally tell her about my YouTube channel and website. She found it interesting! Lol. My only regret was not asking her sooner!

We stayed after class and filmed 2 short videos. We did a quick one while walking outside at night on campus and then we actually snuck into an empty classroom and shot a clip in there where she takes off her sandals and shows her barefeet on camera for the first time ever!

Anyway, she says she's down to do a more prepared video shoot as well during the Summer so I might do the Q&A thing again. Feel free to send me your questions for her.

EDIT: She changed her mind about the 2nd shoot. Lol. See below:

Aesthetic Feet

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