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Meet The Feet: Jazmyn's Dancer Feet at the Mall

AGE: 19

BIRTHDAY: April 25, 1998

YEAR: Sophomore

Shoe Size: 7 US Womens

Shoes: Sandals

Hobbies: Dancing and Hiking

(Full 8-minute Video OUT NOW) This is now my second shoot I've filmed while I was working lol (Isabel was my first). While I was finishing up my lunch break, I ran into Jazmyn at the mall parking lot. She was just getting out of her car and walking towards the mall. I noticed she had on sandals that revealed her feet and nice playful red romper on. I almost let her walk past me, but I had to turn around and approach her. She had a bubbly personality and I could tell just by the way she carried herself. Anyway, I told her a little more about the channel and she agreed to make a short video with me!

[Just a disclaimer, this shoot was an experiment for me. I was learning how to use a new stabilizer I purchased (thanks to all your support!), but I accidentally left the active exposure adjustment turned on on my phone! That means the footage would go from bright to dark sometimes. I have since learned how to turn it off and get much better results, so look forward to my new high quality content coming soon!]

Enjoy! & I can not thank you guys enough for your support so far. Going to write another blog/site update about that soon.


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