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Meet The Feet: Isabel

AGE: 19

YEAR: Freshman

Shoe Size: 7.5 US Women's

Shoes: Flats

(Full Video is OUT NOW) Meet Isabel. I met her in the Inland Empire while she was working, and I guess technically when I was working too. Long story short, I was on the clock for my day job when I got assigned to take the company vehicle to the local tire shop for a rotation and alignment. While I was waiting, I had about 30 minutes of free time and luckily the shop was connected to a local mall. Knowing this, of course I brought my trusty camera along with me.

Since I was at the mall kind of early, I spotted Isabel in her flats just as she was opening the doors of the shoe store. The shop was empty. On a whim I decided to just walk up to her and let her know about my channel. She had a big smile that let me know she was interested in doing the interview and posing her bare feet for us. She projected a positive energy just within seconds of meeting her. Throughout the video, you'll see she has the perfect open-minded attitude I always look for when I film girls.

She tells me that a regular customer at her store would ask to see her bare feet and compliment her on them. Once she takes off her flats in the video, you can see why. Although she still has an old Christmas pedicure on, she has a slender foot shape, moderate arches, and smooth unblemished skin on her soles and the tops of her feet. Pretty crazy that she and her boyfriend think they look bad! If you disagree with her, let her know on the YouTube comments of what you think about her feet. As usual I got her info and it really seems she's open to do another shoot. Check out the Extended Cut and Behind The Scenes in the Members Area to support more content like this and hopefully get Isabel back.


Aesthetic Feet


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