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Meet Luna's Unique Feet From Ukraine (with Photos)

Unique name, unique look, unique accent, and unique feet. From Ukraine, Luna came to America in 2017, so that was about when I was already 3 years into making vids on YouTube and just barely starting my site right before 2018. Anyway, I digress.

Just on a morning walk at the local park, she was totally unprepared to show her bare feet as they were covered by her beat up Sketchers sneakers and moose socks from Alaska haha. She warned me that she didn't have a pedicure and her feet were actually still healing from a foot mask gone wrong. Don't let that deter you from her feet though! With the slight peeling aside, she really had a nice arch shape, soles, and toes (pretty much checked all the boxes haha).

Best part is, she says she is up to return next month for another shoot to redeem herself as long as we pay her for her next pedicure! Your member support will directly fund her pedicure and her coming back to film when her feet heal. I already thought her feet were great, so I personally can't wait to see her feet at 100%.

Check out her full 11-minute video in the Members Area now and help fund Luna's return! Thank you for your continued support.


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