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Aesthetic Feet Acquires Institute Of Feet

Aesthetic Feet is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Arizona-based producer Institute of Feet. I truly feel that there is no other amateur producer out right now that is closer to the original Aesthetic Feet vision. He stays honest to the girls with his approach. I love his approach, his taste in girls, and most importantly he films the correct way, horizontally haha.

I was sad to hear that he shut down his YouTube and production last year, so I had to reach out with a partnership offer that he happily accepted.

This acquisition includes exclusive rights to Institute of Feet's current video library and a non-compete clause, making the Aesthetic Feet Network the only distribution partner for new Institute of Feet content the 2019 year.

We are very excited to release his content starting this month and throughout the 2019 year.

Thank you for all your support! You are the ones that make this possible. Enjoy!

If you are a content producer or closed up shop on a similar content site, please inquire about a partnership with the Aesthetic Feet network! (nudge nudge, California Foot Exchange, College Feet Archive, etc.)

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