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Catching Up with Vernizy In Her Jordan 1s (with Photos)

This shoot marks Vernizy's 4th shoot with us! Check out the full 17-minute video & enjoy the rest of her shoots in the Members Area. Your member support directly helped her get her newest pair of Jordans, a pair of Brotherhood 1s, so a big thank you from both Vernizy and me! 🙏

She claims she's camera shy, but she's always a blast to shoot! This one felt like a little park date honestly haha. She talks about how much the foot community and foot scene has grown into the main stream since the first time we shot. She's much more comfortable showing off her toes too, which was good for us. Under her Jordans, she had white pedicured toes. We even got a little surprise for a fan that got to massage her feet for a few seconds at the end. Check out the photos below and support by subscribing in the Members Area.


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