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Mia's First Day of School Freshman Feet

AGE: 18

BIRTHDAY: February 21, 2000

YEAR: Freshman

Shoe Size: 8 US Womens

Shoes: Vans & Mismatched Socks

Meet Mia. She is an 18 year old freshman that I approached within her first minutes EVER on a college campus. Born in 2000, today was her first day of college. She will always remember her first college experience was be taking off her Vans and socks and getting her bare feet filmed by a stranger haha.

This was a really impromptu shoot, so I didn’t have my stabilizer or my real camera, so I apologize in advance for shakiness and come contrast problems. Nevertheless, gotta thank Mia for helping out and showing her feet on video for the first time ever. Video should be coming out in the Members Area by this weekend.

Gonna keep hunting all semester for some more Aesthetic Feet, so stay posted.



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