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Interviewing Jade at The Library

Watch the TWO full videos of Jade at: Back-to-school month is in full effect here at Aesthetic Feet. We've been back-to-back with the uploads recently and our latest college catch is Jade. The video is a must-see. A few seconds after I meet her, she actually agrees to model for a bit inside the library. She had on a self-done light blue pedicure with well worn sandals. She wears a size 4, but it's hard to tell by just looking because of her slender foot shape and toe length.

At first, she just agreed and didn't really have any questions or objections. But shortly after she took off her sandals and put her bare feet on the couch, I asked her to show the bottom of her soles and she said she wouldn't do that! She took her feet off the couch and almost put her feet back in her sandals! My heart sank because I was afraid that she was going to leave. I prodded her a little more and she admitted that her soles were peeling and she wasn't comfortable showing them on camera. After giving her my usual spiel about how this page is about real everyday feet, she agreed to continue!

This update kept getting better and better as while we were leaving the library, she had the idea of walking barefoot! We got a few people looking at her, but she didn't care at all. We then find a place on the campus outside and then shoot a 14-minute interview & foot modeling video where we really get to meet Jade and her feet, up-close and personal, capturing almost every angle of her feet while we have a candid conversation.

Enjoy the free pics below and please consider becoming a site member to watch Jade's videos along with the entire video library. Member support makes Aesthetic Feet possible and directly helps us continue to grow our roster of models.

Watch the TWO full videos of Jade at:


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