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Introducing Aesthetic Andrea's Feet!

I am proud to debut a new model this week, Aesthetic Andrea! She has the bubbly energy of Elise, a perfect French Pedicure comparable to Sophia's, and an overall unique vibe I know will get over with all our viewers. This is Andrea's first time foot modeling like this, although she mentioned a photographer from Model Mayhem took photos of her feet before haha. This was one of the freshest pedicures I've ever filmed before, as she got it less than an hour before filming and the polish was still drying. She currently works a retail job, and is not going to college yet, so your support directly helps her model with us more regularly here. And after the shoot, we discussed her shooting with me every time she gets a new pedicure!

Unfortunately the Q&A interview part of the video was a little out of focus but I got it focused right for the foot posing video titled Focused & Up Close with Andrea's Feet. Luckily for us Andrea told me she enjoyed the shoot and will return for sure for more up close focused shots of her French Pedicured feet. Here are a few pictures from the shoot but the true fire shots are in her videos now in the Members Area. Stay posted for more Aesthetic Andrea! Thank you to all you Members for your support. You make it possible for models like Andrea to return and film more content for you all. Thank you!


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