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Shoot Interview with Amara Jade

If you are part of the Instagram foot community, then you know of Amara Jade. She was put over and promoted first by FootQuality but is completely independent and has built her own following of over 30k loyal subscribers on Instagram (as of this posting. As of 2021, she has deleted all pages).

Amara Jade is one of the hottest free agent IG foot models in the scene right now with over 30k subscribers and less than a year under her belt. And did I mention she's only 20 years old?

That is why I say "honor" when I say I had the honor of interviewing Amara for a Aesthetic Feet style interview. This isn't my usual "approach" interview, but you'll see it's still unscripted, raw, and on-the-spot. Being not-too-far from Amara's location, we scheduled a meet up where I got to film her feet and ask her questions that she answered off-the-cuff. This isn't like most of her content, you actually get to meet the real girl behind the feet.

Check out the completely free photos on my Flickr, and go support in the Members Area where you can access this full 13+ minute video for only $20 flat. (I actually cover all the taxes and transaction fees myself for each secure transaction). If you're a fan of mine, you'll know this is my longest video on my site so far and if you have ever purchased a clip from Amara, then you'll know this price is a steal.

Either way, enjoy the content and I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting and helping me do what I love.

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