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Meeting 18yo Aleah & Her Feet On Campus (with Photos)

This week's catch is a two-parter! Got two 8-minute videos for you in the Members Area of our new friend, Aleah! I think you guys will enjoy this new format of interview & tops of the feet in the first part and then more of the soles and posing/modeling in the 2nd video.

Anyway here's the tale of the tape: Born in 2003, Aleah turned 18-years-old 5 months ago. Hailing from New York, Aleah stands at 5'2" and wears a size, She's a Psychology major freshman in her 2nd semester of college ever and its only her 6th month in California (again, lots of out-of-state models lately haha). Under her Sketchers and socks, she revealed her petite narrow feet. She had chipped red polish on, but she says next time she'll redeem herself with a fresh pedicure for us. What do you guys think?

Enjoy the pics below and please consider supporting by Becoming a Member today and getting instant access to the entire AF video vault of over 300 videos. Your support will directly help bring Aleah back for a return shoot. You can also support by following on YouTube & Instagram and liking my posts and leaving comments (and yes, as usual, she'll be reading em!) Cheers!


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