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Air Force 1 April 2021 Takeover

If you've been a Premium Subscriber, you'll notice that it seems like almost every 18-year-old girl nowadays is wearing white Air Force 1s. But I'm not complaining, that just means more girls taking OFF their Air Force 1s 😉 (check out the tagged videos by searching "Air Force 1" in the search bar on the Members Area video player)

To celebrate our newest partnership with our latest filming partners, for the month of April, we'll be uploading new videos in the Members Area at least twice a week. And every week, at least one of the girls featured will be in Nike Air Force 1s. This iconic shoe by Nike, which is an iconic basketball sneaker, has found a new popularity with Gen Z girls as you'll see.

If you're not a a Premium Subscriber yet, now is the time to check out the Members Area video vault. We have over 200 videos now and over 16 hours of content! Enjoy double the updates for the month of April and if girls taking off their Air Force 1s are your thing, then what are you doing still reading this? Head on over and hit subscribe!


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