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Fashion, Footwear, Sneakers, and Everything in between

Established in 2014, I started an interview vlog series covering everyday footwear fashion where I spoke to random people I met at school, at the park, and anywhere else I could find people willing to help out.

Aesthetic Feet is a collection of real, everyday interviews and opinions, whether it's at a college campus, park, mall, or coffee shop.
No high fashion here or sponsored product placements; you'll see real everyday, functional looks that are affordable and available.

The Aesthetic Feet Interview Series combines unscripted on-the-spot interviews & vlogs with the natural aesthetics of an often over looked part of an ensemble: footwear and foot accessories.

Real Everyday Takes on Footwear

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Honest takes on current fashion, the latest sneaker drops, and writeups on my latest adventures.

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