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18 year old

Teen Feet.


This page is strictly showcasing 18 year old teen feet modeling.

These real girls are BARELY 18.

If she's a day over 19, she's not on this page.

 Look elsewhere.

Aesthetic Feet promises to you that every single girl on this page has only been on Earth for only 18 years at the time of filming her young & beautiful feet.


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Jocelyn's 18yo Teen Feet

She just turned 18 years old..

only 3 weeks ago.

See the full encounter unfold as I get this unsuspecting teen to model her 18yo feet for the first time ever in the Members Area

It Was Her First Day of College (Preview)

Meet Mia. She is an 18 year old Freshman that I approached within her first minutes EVER on a college campus. Born in 2000, today was her first day of college. She will always remember her first college experience was be taking off her Vans and socks and getting her bare feet filmed by a stranger haha.

Freshman Waterpolo Player Feet (Full Video)

Get a taste of whats in the Members Area with this full 8 min video of my new friend. Like all the other girls on this page, she's of course 18.

I approached her to do this video and like the young naive girl she is, she agreed with her doe eyes and energetic smile.

Meeting Her Freshman Feet (Preview)

I approached this 18 year old teen on campus and got her to agree to peel off her shoes for me within seconds and model her teen feet in public.

She is a real student as you'll see at the end, I walk her to class and film her entering the classroom.

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She was born in 1999 (Full 7 min Video)

Okay, let's just get that straight. She isn't a Millennial, she's Generation Z.  I approached her with her shoes and socks on, so the first time you see her barely legal bare feet in this video is the first time I see them too. Watch her show off her tan legs, take off her worn white shoes, and peel off those quirky avocado socks to reveal her cute, young teen feet & soles.

This is as young as it gets. Legally.