Subscriber Auto-Renewal Issue (December 2021)

Because we are migrating to a different primary payment provider, some subscribers' premium plans will not be automatically renewed at the end of their membership period. Once your subscription period ends, please consider resubscribing and checking out using PayPal. You can check via PayPal using any standard debit or credit card. Please consider switching over to PayPal to continue your subscription.

(This update does not affect Premium Members using PayPal as their payment platform.)

For any subscribers currently paying via standard Credit/Debit card checkout, who started their subscription before December 27, 2021:

Your paid subscription will not automatically renew at the end of your monthly Membership period. This will not affect your current access to the Members Videos. Once your 30-day membership comes to an end, you will lose access to the videos and you will just need to resubscribe to the Premium Members channel one more time. We hope to see you back as a Premium Member soon. You will be able to you use your same current login information that you have and just resubscribe to the channel.

With our new, more reliable payment provider, this should be the last time to need to do this. I apologize for any inconveniences. I would like to personally thank you for your continued support. You make all this possible. Your subscription's directly help bring back returning models and helps me fund new recruits to the Aesthetic Feet roster.

Thank you and happy holidays, from Aesthetic Feet.

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