Filming A Girl After Meeting Her at a Starbucks

So this is a first for Aesthetic Feet. So last week I was having some internet problems and no AC so I decided to work on my laptop at a local Starbucks.

Just as I was finishing up and about to head out, I saw a girl come in sitting by herself just browsing on her phone. She was a skinny, fit young girl wearing Adidas slide slippers (as seen in the shoot). I was really on the fence about approaching her since the Starbucks was full of people, but I thought, what the heck, whats the worst that will happen?

I walked up to her and said that I liked her look and that I have a foot modeling site that I'd love for her to be on. We talked for a bit, hit it off, and she said she'd be up for it. I almost considered filming her right then and there at the Starbucks, but it was way too crowded. Anyway, I got her contact info and met up just 2 days after. She just got a fresh pedicure too right before filming as you'll see.

In the video she explains she's had experiences before with guys that had foot fetishes. Her last boyfriend actually liked her feet. She says that he even asked her if he could suck her toes and she said no! Haha. Sorry my guy. At least she was down to share them with 10's of thousands of strangers on the internet. She also says when she snaps her pedicures and feet on Snapchat, she gets a lot of random foot fetish followers replying. She said one of them called her toes suckable. What do you guys think?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the full 9+ minute video in the Members Area. (Search Melissa)

Thank you for your support. You make all this possible.

Aesthetic Feet

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