Why can't I just write out a pickup line and teach you guys how to do this in one post? It's all about delivery. It's all about how you say it. It's all about conviction. Conviction communicates to a girl that you are grounded in your beliefs. The reason I love cold approaching and recording my voice is that it is great practice for me on speaking which I still need work on.

If you've watched any of my videos, you'll notice that vocal skills are NOT my core competency. I have a monotone voice, I stutter, and I grasp for words sometimes, but with practice, I can hear my improvements year after year. I suggest all you newbies looking to improve as well to record yourselves too, even just speaking into a camera or microphone. Although I am not the best public speaker, the reason I can get all these girls to model is conviction.

An insight that's helped me is the PUA (pick up artist) principle, Law of State Transference.

In English, this means:

Whatever you feel, she feels.

Know why you're there and what you are doing. Be grounded.

- Aesthetic Feet

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