At The Absolute Lowest Level, This Is A Numbers Game

You can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket. At bare minimum, if you approach girls to film, or to just to meet them, there is a percentage of girls that are just open to it. With no technique at all, if you approach 100 girls, woun't you think that 1 of them (1%) will be open to helping you out? Now before you go out like an idiot, waste your time, and get rejected by 99 girls, there are many things you can do to get that 1% "Yes rate" optimized to more around 75%. A vast majority of things you'll need to learn have already been figured out through my own years of trial and error. I've been doing this for over 4 years now and even when I was learning, I learned from others that came before me: From similar content creators like "Beach Feet" and pickup gurus, I picked what worked for this specific niche of cold approach. You have to get your Yes Rate optimized and be able to pump through approaches because guess what. Even if you get your rate up to 10% (1/10), more than likely it'll take you all day to approach 10 girls because most guys will be stifled, freeze up, and not even approach.

Law of Averages:

Imagine if I gave you a basketball and told you to make 10 shots, do you think you could make 10 shots in 10 tries? Probably not. Well what if I gave you 300 tries?

The more shots we take, the more shots we make.

Essential: Be confident, but not pushy. Whether the answer is yes or no, leave everyone happy. And here's a positive reframe for you to take: Each "No" technically brings you closer to a "Yes". Just like Aces in a deck of playing cards, there is a finite number of girls at the area you are approaching and there have to be some of them willing to model. If you've pulled out 10 cards with no Aces yet, your percentage of pulling an Ace increases. And it does so every time you pull a card.

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