Filming A Girl After Meeting Her at a Starbucks

So this is a first for Aesthetic Feet. So last week I was having some internet problems and no AC so I decided to work on my laptop at a local Starbucks. Just as I was finishing up and about to head out, I saw a girl come in sitting by herself just browsing on her phone. She was a skinny, fit young girl wearing Adidas slide slippers (as seen in the shoot). I was really on the fence about approaching her since the Starbucks was full of people, but I thought, what the heck, whats the worst that will happen? I walked up to her and said that I liked her look and that I have a foot modeling site that I'd love for her to be on. We talked for a bit, hit it off, and she said she'd be up for it. I al

Meeting Monice After Finding Her on YouTube (with pictures!)

Today’s update is a little different as you'll see it’s not my usual random approach. Actually, the story with this one is I’ve been skimming around YouTube and I noticed a trend over last couple months of vloggers describing their experience selling feet pictures on the internet. One quick YouTube search of "selling feet pics" and you'll see many videos uploaded just within 6 months ago of girls (and a few guys actually lol). One stood out to me in particular. Her channel was simply her name, Monice Castro, and at the time this was her first & only video uploaded. She briefly went over her experience. Video is below. Although her vlog was one of the more vaguely expressed, less detailed, st

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